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Yalnızbağ Mah. Körkün Sanayi Blv. No: 6 /1 İç Kapı No:1 Gaziantep

PHONE: 0342 583 40 30
WORKING HOURS Weekday: 07:00 AM -23:00 PM / Weekend: 07:00 AM -23:00 PM

Ranking 8th largest city of Turkey, Gaziantep is an always-dynamic city, which historically gained importance as being along the route of historical silk road. Gaziantep witnessed the periods of Paleolithic, Chalcolithic, Neolithic periods, Bronze Age, Hittite, Med, Assyrian, Persian, Alexander, Seleucids, Roman and Byzantine, Islamic and Turkish periods. If you also want to touch the historical texture of Gaziantep which bears the traces of this historical diversity, just go and rent a car from our Central Gaziantep office, where comfort and outstanding service meet, and take a step in this magical journey. 

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